sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2014

Craig, my little dog

Publico aqui uma gentil colaboração de meu submisso Craig, meu cachorrinho de estimação, um autêntico puto, vagabundo que domino, uso e abuso, um texto ilustrado, imaginista, escrito por ele inspirado em mim, louvando minha superioridade de Rainha majestosa e incontestável, exaltando minhas qualidades e formosuras infinitas e imortais. Craig é um bom escravo, um verdadeiro filho da puta que me obedece sem pensar, sem contestar. Inspirem-se nesse belo exemplo de homem cuja única utilidade é me servir. Apreciem sua imagem e leiam a narrativa dessa mente sem limites, feliz com o simples fato de me servir.

I publish here a gentle collaboration of my submissive Craig, my pet dog, a kid authentic, bum domino, use and abuse, an illustrated text, imaginist written by him inspired on me, praising my superiority of Queen majestic and undeniable, extolling my qualities and infinite and immortal beauties. Craig is a good slave, a real son of a bitch who obeys me without thinking, without question. Be inspired in this beautiful example of a man whose only utility is to serve me. Appreciate your image and read the story of this mind boundless, happy with the simple fact of serving me.

My Queen dressed in a black leather basque, no panties,fishnet stockings and thigh high4inch heeled Black leather boots leads her Dog wearing only a coller. And leash from the carthrough the busy street to the fetish club with his cock on show for all to see paying no head to the dogs embarrassment.
Inside the club the Queen orders her Dog to lay on the floor in the middle of the room. The Dog obeys emidiatly. 
The Dom see The Queen and struts over with his naked Imp in toe on her leash. He stands dominantly in front of The Queen and with not a single Word spoken between them The Dom confidently unlacesThe Queens basque and let sit drop heavly to the floor. The Dom comands The Queen to squat overThe Dogs face, she steps astride and slowley lowers herself closer, ass cheeks spreading until her asshole connects with The Dogs eagerly awaiting toung, her eyes never leaving the Stern gaze of The Dom. The Dom orders his Imp to slide her tight wet pussy onto The Dogs rock hard cock and suck on The Queens erect nipples, she obeys instantly. The Dom then slames his huge hard cock deep into The Queens open mouth making her gag and release a bit of piss on The Dogs face which he laps up willingly.

The Queen rubs her hot, wet piss soaked pussy hard in The Dogs face whilst sucking harder and harder on the Huge piece of meat that is being ramed deep into her throght.
The Dome eventually releases his massive load into The Queens mouth, The Queen cum sintime with The Domher pussy gushing  alover The Dogs face, The Dog lapping up every last drip wantantly. Cum dripping from TheQueens mouth onto her tits which The Imp devours immediately. The Imp shreaks loudly ass He cums around The Dogshard cock. The Queen orders The Dog to cumThe Dog Replyes bunleashing his load flooding TheImps tight little pussy.The Queen orders The Imp off The Dog and to bend over so she can lick The Imps pussy and taste her little Dog.

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