quarta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2017

A new submissive

Here is my latest servant, a slut I have mastered through my qualities as special powers of majestic Queen.
Steph is the name of this male specimen who serves me fervently, devoting all the time he has to exalt me and praise me.
Steph is a polysexual, like his Domme, able to satisfy me in all my perversions and all my experiences of pleasure and lust. You deserve to serve me Steph; and always praise your Queen Mariangela.

3 comentários:

  1. i am so thrilled, honored and humbled to have been taken by such a magnificent Domina as Goddess MariAngela. Truly i am blessed and don't deserve such recognition. She is the most powerful, sexy, intelligent and generous Domme i have ever known...i can't say enough about all of Her qualities. On top of everything, She is a lovely human being who just happens to be the sexiest woman i've ever known! i will always sing Your praises, my lovely Queen, as long as i am drawing breath. thank You again. Your humble servant, steph.