quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2015

David meu punheteiro: my wanker, my masturbator

David is My slave server, motherfucker who obeys and respects me, who loves and worships his Queen and that excites me, who goes mad and leaves the normal when talk with me, I possess and dominate, serving me without restrictions, making all that I command, that cum and enjoys about me, in my body, in my mouth, with its well designed and fucking hard, hard as a stick. Delicious, I love to feel the fucking David over me .... David meu caralhudo, meu punheteiro safado.........goze sobre sua Rainha filho de uma puta, puto do caralho!!!

I put your pic up on my bedroom window..you 

can see my precum first, then I fantasized that I 

sniffed the hairy pussy, and kissed your cheek 

lightly, before 

spilled my hot, wet passion on your mouth....

cum over me son of a bitch, fucking pissed

cum in my face bastard, fill fucking my mouth

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  1. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  2. "MY One Queen , dono da minha semente sagrada , mulher minha amante magistral , semente da minha desire..how você levar adiante em mim o desejo de animais de base primordial !

    Para agradá-lo , me perder em prazer abandonado absoluta ,, ter você como o centro do meu desire..to cumprir seu com minha dor lasciva cock..my fantasia emocionante , minha semente sagrada , para enchê-lo para a beira dentro de você , para foder sua celeste tesão bunda pussy..your cabeludo, sua boca sexy .. até que minha mente se dissolve para oblivion..till minha rígida doendo homem besta palpita violentamente , pulsando em êxtase .. até que cada grama de paixão veinous é gasto .. para colocar trance still..in ..
    admirado com meu propósito erótico Queen..my " .
    David .

  3. Que delíçia minha Rainha... Adoro isso...
    Já fiz tantas vezes assim!!!
    Te adoroooo...

  4. It's just the honor that lends itself to a woman like Mariangela, because she it's been done addressing two important aspects. First the male's ejaculation, one of the greatest pleasures that a man can have, for many will be happy that you have and the delivery of it to someone, is the importance it deserves to receive of this fact. Second, because the sperm, fucking, is something that Mariangela, loves, loves it and have the body covered with all she is supreme. Although it is in photo, is to leave a wife like my beautiful Mariangela, very happy. Paid homage correctly, hitting a jack off, wishing wife, female, woman. Esporreando whole picture, as it were on the beautiful body, as was observed live bitching this bitch I love so much and wish each day.

  5. I loved every minute of serving you my Queen..every drop of hot creamy passion i spilled from my thich, aching, throbbing lustmeat..

    1. I know very well how much you lovedto be my servant son of a bitch. You'll never forget me. You belong to me forever. Each time you approach a female you'll remember me and in your mind you will be serving me .... forever .... cum for me son of a bitch, again .... and shoot ... and send me the photo .... you like to do it for his Queen. Want a new and seductive photo? ..... Write to my email I send you